Services & Rates



$ 100
$CAD* / per song
    Your mix, mastered.
    Final touches to enhance the sound you've crafted.



$ 75
$CAD* / per stem
    For when you need a helping hand to get the sound you want from your head to the speakers.



$ 100
$CAD* / per hour
    Clean up noisy recordings and experience them with new clarity.

*Plus HST/GST/PST where applicable for Canadian residents


Streaming & Download

Online streaming - love it or hate it - is how the majority of music gets heard today.

All masters are made with streaming in mind so they'll sound the best they can whether on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, or anywhere else.


If you're releasing on CD, a DDP master is the best way to make sure the CDs being printed are exactly the same as the masters you approved.

DDP masters are Included with any full length album, but if you want one for your EP, or even a single, it's free of charge - just ask!


Want your fans to feel the joy of placing the needle in the groove of your record?

High-resolution files optimized for cutting to vinyl are available for a small additional fee.

Dan Dubois - Mastering Engineer - Schematic Sound

Hi, I'm Dan.

I've been mastering music for 10 years.

No mixing. Just mastering. This is crucial, because if you want the best possible mastering for your music (and you should) then what you don't want is someone who is a jack of all trades but a master of none (see what I did there?)

When you hire me you don't just get someone to do the work, you tap into a wealth of knowledge accumulated over years of dedication to a craft.

I have one goal - to raise your music up to its fullest potential.


Stereo Mastering: 

An uncompressed stereo format such as .wav or .aiff.

As long as the output is not being clipped or limited, you’re good to go. A good rule of thumb to achieve that is aim for peaks no higher than -3dBFS.

Use whichever sample-rate and bit-depth settings you’ve used through out your project. For example, if you recorded and mixed at 44.1 kHz/16-bit then send that. Similarly if you mixed at 96 kHz/24-bit then that’s what you should send.

If any plugins have been used on the master, particularly heavy compression or limiting, it's usually best to remove these first. If in doubt, send a version with and a version without.

Stem Mastering:

File formats and recommendations are the same as above, but with subgroups instead of the full mix.

For example:
1. Drums
2. Vocals
3. Synths
4. Bass

It's important that each stem is exactly the same length so that they line up properly.

For singles and EPs typical turnaround is 1-2 days. 

For albums, 2-4 days.

In the event that a master is anticipated to take longer than usual you will be informed ahead of time.

Absolutely. I’m only human, and I'll be the first to admit I don’t always get it right on the first try (but usually do!)

If you’re not 100% happy with your master and would like a small change, or even for it to be taken in an entirely different direction, I am happy to make the changes at no extra cost.

The only exception is if a different mix is required for those revisions. If a new mix is submitted, then a remaster fee of $40 CAD applies.

Files are sent to you using Filepass. You'll be able to listen to your masters in full quality before having to pay anything.

If you're happy with how they sound, all you need to do is pay the balance right there in Filepass where you've been listening, and you'll automatically unlock downloading your masters.


What is it, why is it bad, and how to avoid it 


Definitely do.




I'm all ears!